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Book and e-book — Gremlins of the Mind – PSH Therapy for Subconscious Change

It is a definitive text on PSH Therapy and how it is used by Dr Duncan. As a participant in the first ever training course in PSH, and subsequently as a trainer of new PSH therapists, Dr Duncan is well-placed to write this text. It is a mix of theory and actual case studies, explaining the client’s experience of PSH.
— Signed MDT, former client.

Gremlins of the mind-hard copy

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Chapter headings include:

  • PSH in the Context of Contemporary Therapies
  • Psychiatry and PSH
  • The Myth of Living Happily Ever After
  • The Mystery of Your Subconscious Mind
  • What is PSH Therapy and How Does it Feel?
  • Depression – or Just Down Days
  • Weight Loss – Low Carbs, Low Fat or High Self-esteem?
  • Smoking – Maybe You Need to Smoke
  • Toxic Families – Have You Been Poisoned?
  • When Therapy Fails
  • And After PSH
  • Self-esteem – Self-image – Self-talk
  • Stress – How Are You Managing?

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E-book — Gremlins of the Mind

We easily accept that physical healing is an automatic process. How many times have we scratched ourselves in the garden, or watched our children graze knees and elbows when they fall off their bikes, and just taken for granted that, after a bit of a cleanup and some antiseptic cream, it will just get better. Similarly, if you break your leg, the doctor does not heal the leg. He lines up the bones and applies a splint or plaster cast to immobilise it, but the regrowth of bone and tissue happens internally and automatically. It is a subconscious process. When it comes to emotional healing we tend to put on a different pair of glasses, even though, in essence, the healing of a broken emotion is no different to a broken leg. It is internal and automatic. It is the job of the subconscious mind. The body and the mind are integrated and the subconscious mind makes no distinction between the two zones of being.

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CD Relaxation

Relaxation CD – Relaxation with Dr Lindsay Duncan

It offers a 15-minute and a 30-minute track of guided meditation with music, to reduce your stress and build your self-esteem.

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E-book — DIY Mind Workshop — Relationships
Start by asking yourself these questions about your relationship:

  • Is my partner my best friend?
  • What would I miss if my partner were not around any more?
  • What projects/activities are we working on, together, at present? (Planning a holiday, renovating a house, breeding angora elephants, belonging to a bush-walking club, planning the next dinner party etc.)
  • What is the five-year plan for us?
  • If I die, where does my partner fit in my will?
  • If our relationship continues as it is, would we still be happy in ten years?
  • Are we growing because we're together, or are we holding each other back?
  • Can I list 5 things my partner likes about me, without having to think about it?
  • When was the last time I made my partner feel important?
  • How much of our relationship is just habit now?
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E-book — DIY Mind Workshop — Self-Esteem

Self-esteem embodies all aspects of personal pride, self-respect, dignity, ego, self-regard and self- awareness. None of these characteristics is a static value that you received as part of your genetic inheritance.

If self-esteem were genetically-determined, like the colour of your skin, you would have no way of changing how you feel. To a large extent, self-esteem is something you learned to believe about yourself. The good news is that if you don’t like what you have learned to believe about yourself, it can be re-learned. You can train yourself to feel differently about yourself.

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E-book — DIY Mind Workshop — Stress Management

Stress is now the number one cause of death and it is an inherent part of our everyday living. Stress is not new. It has always been part of living. However, we now generate much more daily stress for ourselves than our ancestors did because our pace of life has increased. Compare your life now with a rural village existence, with only horse and carriage transport, no phones, television or electricity, and no supermarkets. Interaction with the world would have been very much slower and localised. Our ancestors walked much more than we do between activities, and we know now that cardiovascular exercise, especially walking, helps to burn off stress. So as much as we like the twenty-first century convenience of airline travel and fast food, that convenience comes with a price tag called ‘stress’.

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